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Being a person is getting too complicated.

— Margaret Atwood, The Edible Woman (via narobe)


Tinder is for hook ups only.

Life is short. Love every moment.

Life of A Baker

First day of work and I made over 350 macaroons and 330 cupcakes on a slow day. Excessive?

What is the Point

  • Sometimes there isn't one. One cannot simply ask why for every action that is taken. Why do I have to do that or why am I talking to that guy? Everything happens for a reason. Let it happen. That is fate working her magic.


Introducing our NEW 
Random Acts of Kindness Collection;
We’ve joined again with DarynDipity to bring you a new kind of stickers. Our purpose for this collection is that you would stick them random places, give them to people you know who are hurting, or maybe someone you’ve never even met before. We hope that we can get these stickers into the hands of those who need encouragement or need to know that it gets better. Want to join us? Get your pack HERE.

**FREE Stay Positive Bro sticker with any order! **
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